Cathedral Master Builder

A cathedral master builder is a term for an architect or master builder responsible for the design, construction, and/or supervision of the construction of cathedrals and other significant ecclesiastical buildings. In many cases, the cathedral master builder was responsible not only for the technical aspects of construction, but also for artistic design.

In the medieval building culture of Europe, especially in countries such as Germany, France, and Italy, cathedral builders held a particularly prominent position. They were often responsible for the construction of a cathedral over several decades or even centuries, as such large-scale projects were very lengthy.

The office of cathedral master builder was often hereditary or passed down within a family of master builders. Over time, guilds and brotherhoods of master builders developed, passing on knowledge and skills from generation to generation.

Cathedral master builders were not only technically skilled engineers, but also artists who knew and implemented the architectural styles and trends of their time. Their work is still visible today in the impressive cathedrals and cathedrals of Europe, which bear witness to the technical brilliance and artistic vision of these master builders.